Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 - The year of Self Sustaining Ideas

What do we need to grow ?
What do we want to grow ?
How can we be more efficient in our use of resources?
How can we come together as a community ?

These questions are larger than one voice and require attention immediately as changes must be made to our system of neglect. I have recently read articles about crowd sourcing and the idea makes a lot of sense. If you havn't heard of this concept it is exemplified with the website wikipedia. People create the content instead of passively absorbing one persons ideas or opinions. It seems to lead to growth of ideas through sharing and communication. Stagnation of ideas may lead to repetition and disinterest. Where active involvement inevitably leads to evolution. Just as my voice has already started to preach I offer a start with these questions and hope for involvement from others.

January planting reminders

broadcast in a tray than separate.

bunching varieties are a nice treat.

Happy Planting

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