Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time to plan the garden

So now that the sun is back, the temperatures are rising and the last frost date is getting closer. Planning your garden should be on your list. If you haven't started seeding your garden yet then you should get on it. Now is the time for seeding things like carrots, beets, lettuce, mustard greens, pak choy, arugula, spinach (any type of green), turnips, potatoes, onions, kale, parsnips, peas, radishes.
Keep your transplants inside until the first week of June, Unless you build a domed greenhouse over them for protection.
also when seeding early this gives you a chance to plant in succession. So if you plant lettuce and greens now, save some room to start some more in two weeks, this way you will have a continual harvest of fresh young greens, before they get a chance to bolt. you could also plant beets and turnips in succession, Your first crop should be seeded now and in three weeks you could seed the next. Radishes can be on a continual harvest planting every two to three weeks. Peas and beans can be planted now and then another batch in three weeks. Also remember that after you harvest something plant something else in its place. To ensure you optimize your gardens potential to the fullest.

plant your onions with your beets and your basil with Tomato
lettuce between the peas and bush bean with potato

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